Week 3(of 6)Day 14

5 UB Power Snatch; Start at 55-60% and add weight each round
6 Box Jump Overs@24/20
:20 Sec Ass Bike for cals
Rest 3 Min x 6
Row :60 Sec for Max Cals
Rest 2 Min x 4

Alpha – as written
Bravo – 10 Alt DB Snatch, 10 Split Jumps, Ass Bike

Single arm DB Rows – 10 x 4(video below)
Stiff Arm Plank – :30 sec each arm x 4

Do These Back to Back. For the plank focus on pushing away from the floor and squaring your hips. Keep your feet as close as you can without turning your hips, but bring them out as needed to keep the hips square.