OK everyone, we spoke about the power hour briefly a few months ago. Starting in September we will run a class every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 with Wes. Monday will be Squat and Bench and Wednesday will be Press and Deadlift. Everything will be done by perceived exertion, so it doesn’t matter if you know your max or not. If you are new to these lifts or not. Wes will also be going over the proper way to execute all these lifts. This is a really awesome class he is running. I suggest you take advantage of it. It will be going up as a class you can sign up for. I will let everyone know when you can start signing up through Box HQ.  Exciting!!!!!

Complete A1, then complete A2, rest 2 min, repeat

A1. Jerk stance strict press – 2-2-2-2-2; by feel
A2. Choose one:
Strict chest to bar – 2-5 x 5 sets, rest 2 min
Strict pull-up – 3-12 x 5, rest 2 min
assisted partner pull-ups – 1-2 reps x 8, rest :60 sec
B. WOD Choices:
30 cal row
20 toes to bar
100 dubs
rest 3 min x 3

30 cal Row
10 toes to bar 10 knees to chest
60 dubs
rest 3 min x 3

20 cal row
15 knees to chest
25 single doubles
rest 2 min x 4

12 cal row
10-15 hanging knee tucks or toes to Kettlebells
100-100 single unders
rest 2 min x 4