A. Choose One:
A1. Tempo Chest to Bar Chin-Ups – 3-6 x 5 sets; Regular speed on the way up, 4 sec eccentric, 2 sec pause at the bottom, make sure you keep your shoulders down on the eccentric portion. Make those lats work. If 6 reps isn’t very tough add a rep or 2 to each round.
A2. Chin-Ups – 3-5 x 5 sets
A3. Partner assisted Chin-Ups – 8 sets of 2; have a partner assist you just enough to help you up. Only do this one if you are close to getting a Chin-Up on your own.
A4. Banded Chin-Ups – 8 sets of 2-3
A5. Chest to Bar(supine grip)Inverted Rows – 8-10 x 5 Sets; find a height that will allow you to keep your legs strait and your body stiff. Focus on pulling through your shoulder blades before pulling through your elbows.

B. 4 Rounds
Run 400 Meters
15 Burpees

Hollow Hold – Tabata style
Powell Raises – 10 x 3 sets