just wanted to give the guys a sample of my meal plan for the day, so here it is

breakfast 5:30 am

6 eggs( 2 yolks and 4 whites)

1/4 cup nuts

1 oz cacao nibs

an apple or 2 carrots

4 cups spinach(cooked) sometimes w coconut oil

snack 8:30 or 9:00 am

paleo trail mix

3 oz jerky

1/4 cup pistacio

3 tbsp coconut flakes

1 oz goji berries

some cacao nibs

lunch 11 am  or 12 pm

4 oz chicken or tuna

2 cups broccoli, asparagus or Kayle w/tbsp olive oil

2 tsp fish oil

sometimes i will also have a grapefruit also if i have time

after workout meal 2 or 3 pm

a sweet potatoe or banana or a mixture of both

protein powder 34 grms pro.

liquid multi vitamin

dinner 6 or 7 pm

paleo chilli w avocado and a tomatoe

or steak and broccoli w coconut oil

or salmon and broccoli w/lemon and pepper

before bed 9 or 10 pm

protein powder

almond butter

and an apple

So this is pretty much how i eat on a day to day basis. Sometimes i can’t be this perfect, but I get pretty close to this most days. The key is to be prepared, know what you are going to eat. Make a lot of food so you only have to cook on sundays and wednesdays.  I mean cook your steak, chicken, chilli, and foods like that. the veggie and fruit can be made during the week.

Hope this helps the guys a little. Jodie will write her meal plan as well for the ladies to see.

Happy eating 🙂