2 Rounds(4 Min)
:20 sec KB deadlifts
:20 sec Russian KBS
:20 sec Box Jumps
:20 Sec bottom of the push-up hold with chest off the floor(hands shoulder be under chest line)
:20 Sec HS hold
:20 Sec scap retraction

For the EMOM, boxes will be set up in the middle of the gym. If there are more of you, than there are boxes, you will share. One of you will complete the BJ while the other completes the cleans.

Even Min – 2-3 Power Cleans@75-80%
Odd Min – 8-10 Box Jump Overs
If you are new to CFN and not yet comfortable with power cleans you will complete 8-10 MB cleans
Rest 5 Min Exactly(clock will be set)
21 Deadlifts@55%(no heavier than 225)
21 Ring Dips
Run 400
15 Deadlifts@55%
15 Ring Dips
Run 400
9 Deadlifts@55%
9 Ring Dips
Run 400

Alpha – as written
Bravo – deadlifts and running as written, 15-12-9 Dips
Charlie – deadlifts and running as written, 9-6-3 Dips(you may use bands)
Delta – Run 200, KB deadlifts, push-ups(you may use a box)

Extra Mid-Line
GHD – 12 x 4
Hollow Hold – Tabata Style