This Saturday, Barbells For Boobs at 9AM and the Halloween Party at 8PM. Get ready for a fun weekend!!!!

A. Hang Clean + Front Squat – 1 + 2 x 5@75% or above; Pause 2 Sec at the bottom of the clean, no pause for the front squat

The Below Workout has a 10 min cap. If you have an issue with going over head with a bar, try Dumbbells

B. “Because Jack”
3 Rounds
21 Thrusters@75/55
21 Pull-Ups

3 Rounds
21 Thrusters@65/45
21 Jumping Pull-Ups

3 Rounds
21 Thrusters@45/35
21 Jumping Pull-Ups

3 Rounds
21 Wall Balls
21 Ring Rows

4 Rounds not for time
Bench Rows – 10 reps, pause 2 sec at the top
Tempo Ring Dips – 3-9 reps, 3 seconds down, 2 sec pause at bottom, regular speed up, 2 sec pause at top