Hoddies are in!!!! Look for the box with your name on it. That’s the box your hoodie will be in. If you have not payed yet please bring a check with you. Thanks everyone!!!! They are AWESOME. If there are any issues please let us know.

Gymnastics tester#1
Max pull-ups  or C2B pull-ups in 1 min or max pull-ups unbroken(this is only if you are very proficient in the pull-up).
You may use a band. Chin must be over the bar to be considered a good rep. I would much rather you get one strict pull-up then 10 banded pull-ups.
WOD tester#1
run 1 mile
100 dubs or 300 singles
50 burpees
25 toes to bar(Scale with 50 sit-ups)

25 min cap