Don’t forget your gift for the boys and girls clubs of Newton and Waltham. There are boxes in the front office. If you don’t know what to get, take a look at the list. Be sure to cross the gift off after you drop it off. Thank you for making the holidays a little better for these kids.

A. Front Squat – Heavy double; Tempo on the first rep(5 second decent), regular speed on the second one
B. “Banana Split”
2 Rounds
15 KBS@70/53
50 Foot Goblet lunge@70/53(length of rig one way)
Shuttle Run(rig down and back)
50 Foot Goblet Lunge@70/53
15 KBS@70/53

Get into 5 lines. Each line will start at one end of the rig. 5 athletes will go at once in their own lane. Once the athlete ahead of you completes the full round, you can go. Rest till its your turn again. no less than 3 min.

C. Extra Mid-Line(after class or at the end of class if there’s time)
C1. Deadbug with Pallof Press – 10 each side x 3; watch video below
C2. Half kneeling Diagonal banded trunk rotations – 10 each side x 3, downward rotation rotate away from the front leg