A. Skill
B. “180”
6 Rounds
10 Cal Bike
10 Front Squats@155/105

Rest around :60 Sec. Team up with someone who is around the same skill level. The Squats shouldn’t be a struggle. You should be able to move smoothly through the set without stopping. HSPU should be unbroken or at most broken into 5 and 5 with a short rest.

Alpha – As written
Bravo – Front Squat@115/80, HSPU with an abmat or feet on a box
Charlie – Front Squat@95/65, 5 HR Push-Ups + 2-3 Wall Climbs(instead of HSPU)
Delta – Front Squats@65/45, 5 HR Push-Ups + Max time HS Hold up to :60 Sec(do not go to failure)

Extra Mid-Line
Front Rack KB Carry – 100 Meters x 3
GHDSU – 25 x 3