A. Back Squat – Heavy Double; 5 sec decent on the first rep
B1. Front Rack Double KB Walking Lunge 50′ – 8-10 x 4
B2. Toes to Bar – Max Effort x 4

Complete B1, Rest :30 Sec, Complete B2, Rest 2 min

Alpha – 70/53, Toes to bar
Bravo – 53/35, Toes to Bar
Charlie – 45/25(you may also use a single KB), Hanging Leg raises
Delta – Goblet Lunge, Toes to Rig(video at the bottom of page)

Extra Conditioning
8 Rounds
AB :60 Sec@85%
Single Arm Suitcase Hold :30 sec each Side(should be tough)

Toes to rig