Dan and Erin
How long have you been at CFN?
D – The whole time!
E –  Just over a year now.  I increased my frequency in the past 6 months when I found that I just couldn’t stay away!
Do you remember the first day you walked into CFN?  What wod did you do and how did you feel?
D – Oh yes. It was back at the last gym. My wife had dragged me to the free intro class.  I think Gil had us do burpees, box jumps, and wall balls. I was sore for about a week! Once I was able to move my arms again, I was emailing Gil to set up an on ramp session. The old gym was about 3/4 of a mile from my place. I made the mistake of walking there and back for that first on ramp. Yeah, I regretted that.
E – Yes!  I remember being so intimidated before starting, but so encouraged the first day during my on ramps with Matt T.  I don’t remember my first WOD specifically, but I do remember being in such awe at how fit and strong everyone was, and I was determined to get there too!  I remember hating burpees and being afraid of box jumps (now I’m excited to be challenged by them!)
What is your favorite lift/movement?
D – That is a hard question as there are so many to choose from. Probably back squats. I’ve played ice hockey for basically my whole life, so there is something very familiar feeling to me when I’m all the way down in a squat. I also really enjoyed tire flips the one time I did them at CFN. Hey Gil, lets do those again!
E – Snatch!
What is your favorite wod?
D – Hmm, I really liked doing Nicole (alternating 400m runs and max pull ups) last weekend. Mostly because the last time I did it I could barely do an unassisted pull up. This time I was getting 10-12 per round. Progress feels good.
E – I like WODs that really challenge my endurance and force me to push myself mentally.  Rowing, burpees, pullups, box jumps, things that really get me moving!
What is your least favorite lift/movement?
D – It used to be wall balls, but I’ve come to grips with them lately. Today I’d say double unders are my nemesis.
E – Wall balls!
What is your least favorite wod?
D – Probably the 12 days of Christmas from last year. That felt like it was never going to end!
E – I typically DREAD any WOD with wall balls, but I continue to work towards finding some enjoyment in them 🙂
What accomplishments have you had since you have been a member of CrossFit Newton?
D – Oh wow. I feel like that could be a pretty long list. The biggest thing for me is how much stronger I have gotten overall. I keep getting PRs across the board, and that is great. Two years ago I would have never imagined being able to do a rope climb or chest to bar pull ups, but I have them now. I also can’t say enough how much I am inspired by the everyone at CFN. I’m so glad to be a part of it all!
E – I competed in the in-house partner competition in January (something which I never thought I would do).  The experience was such a positive one for me – I was able to complete 3 WODs in one day!
Personally, I’ve suffered from headaches my whole life.  Through building my shoulder and back strength, I can’t remember the last time I’ve had one!  I’ve seen a positive change in my body, and also my attitude towards fitness.  I just can’t wait for 6:30 to roll around so I can challenge myself with such a fantastic group!
What are you goals for the future?
D – Lately I’ve been practicing handstands a lot. I’d love to be able to get decent at walking on my hands.
E – Continue to be an active member in the CFN community, and challenge myself physically!  I’m currently working on increasing my endurance, and I’m determined to build towards and unassisted pullup.  I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made in the last few months, I look forward to this next year, and what it will bring!

Todays WOD

1. EMOM 10
1-10 pull-ups
If you have not yet gotten a strict pull-up please work on these.  If you have gotten strict pull-ups you may choose between kipping or strict. Choose whatever needs more work.
2. 3 rounds
run 400
15 burpee box jumps@24/20


Schedule for this weekend and next week

This Saturday there will be no intro class and Sunday open gym will be during oly class at 10am
Marathon Monday – 6am and 5pm
Tuesday through Friday – all classes are as usual just no 9:30 class
Saturday – No intro class
Sunday – Open gym will be at the same time as oly lifting(10am)