In the next couple of months CrossFit Newton will be going through a few changes. We will be getting rid of the current pull-up rig and adding a new one(55′ long). This will be fully equipped with wall ball targets and muscle-up stations. We are losing the turf and adding more rubber in its place. There will be some organizational changes as well. This way there will be much more room. There will also be a change in programming that i’m sure you will all be happy with. I am really excited for these changes. It’s going to make everyone’s experience at CFN better and more fun. The gym is swithing from WOD together to Box HQ. This is much more user friendly. There will also be a whiteboard option so you can do all your wod tracking online. We will be using a different merchant as well, so you will receive an email in a day or two. Thanks everyone!!!!! 


Even min – Run 200 meters
Odd min – 7 Jerks

Weight choices and modifications:
Run – If the 200 meter run takes you :60 sec lower it to 100 meters
Jerks – 135/95, 115/80, 95/65, 75/45-55