bulletproof-shoulders (1)

There will be no class at 11am this Saturday. Instead, we will be holding a bulletproof shoulder clinic given by our very own Dr. Robert Mirandola of Allasso Chiropractic. This will be a great clinic for everyone to attend. Please try to make it. He’s got a lot of really great information to share with all of you and I think it would be very beneficial for you all to attend.

If you miss any of the benchmark WODs you may make them up during the next two weeks. The Front Squat and press + the WOD were all benchmark WODs. Tuesdays 1000 meter row was also a bench mark.

1. 5 rounds
hollow hold :30 sec
superman hold :30 sec
rest :30 sec
2. 10 rounds
10 wall balls
:10 sec handstand hold
20 sec rest

If you are not yet able to do a handstand hold you may do a wall climb