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A. “Diane”

*If you don’t know what weight to use, use the deadlift weight from last Friday as a gage.
**If going overhead doesn’t feel good after yesterdays WOD do ring dips or ring push-ups(or push-ups)

Alpha – as written, scale weight if needed
Bravo – HSPU with 2 abmats, scale weight if needed
Charlie – HSPU with feet on a box, scale weight if needed
Delta – Seated overhead press, scale weight if needed

B. Choose one(don’t do this if you did dips for the WOD)
1. Tempo Ring dips – 3 – 8 x 5; regular pace during the movement, 2 sec pause at bottom, 2 sec pause at the top.
2. Ring dips – 3 – 5 x 5
3. Banded dips – 3 – 5 x 5; no more than thinner green band
4. Bench Dips – 8-10 x 5; hands on the bench feet on the floor

C. Strength Extra
Weighted Hip extensions – 8-10 x 4 sets

D. Anti-Rotation Extra
Reverse Lunge with isometric banded torso hold – 10 each side x 3