BB complex:
build to highest weight you can handle with perfect form with short rests b/t each exercise in the complex; this will ensure lower weight and perfect execution
Hang Power Snatch x 1
drop bar to upper back, regrip for push jerk grip
Behind Neck Split Jerk x 1
rack barbell on front rack on shoulders
Front Squat x 2
Split Jerk x 1
lower bar to upper back, regrip to OHS grip
push press bar to OH
OHS x 1
rest 180 sec; repeat 5 times
rest 10 min
As many reps in 3 minutes;
1.5 pd KBS

KB must go completely overhead so arms are perpendicular with the floor

highest weight achieved in kg in BB complex X KBS reps in 3 minutes is your score
(i.e. 90 kg x 50 reps = 4500 points)
post score to comments

crossfit endurance WOD

10 x’s sprints

3+ Hours After Anaerobic Endurance Strength & Conditioning WOD or CrossFit Main Site WOD

Choose ONE of the following sports:

Swim, Bike, Run, C2

Swim: 20 x 25m/y all out sprints from mid pool start and finish… NO WALL STARTS. 1 min. recoveries… NO PENALTIES.

Bike: 8 x 1k all out sprints w/ 2 min. recoveries… NO PENALTIES.

Run: 10 x 100m all out sprints with 90 sec. recoveries… NO PENALTIES.

C2: 10 x 125m all out sprints w/ 1 min. recoveries… NO PENALTIES.