for time;
30 GHD Sit ups
5 OHS – 45#
25 GHD Sit ups
10 OHS – 45#
20 GHD Sit ups
15 OHS – 45#
15 GHD Sit ups
20 OHS – 45#
10 GHD Sit Ups
25 OHS – 45#
5 GHD Sit Ups
30 OHS – 45#

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ass to grass on squats, hips must come to full extension at top on every rep and on last reps for OHS

CrossFit Endurance WOD

Heavy Tosh

Choose ONE of the Following Sports:

Use a Weighted Vest Or Ruck.

Swim: 10lbs vest or weight, 3x(50m/y + 100m/y + 200m/y)

Bike: 30lbs vest 3x( 1/2mile + 1 mile+ 2 mile)

Run: 20lbs vest 3x( 200m + 400m+ 600m)

C2: 20lbs vest 3x( 250m +500m+ 700m)

Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. EX. 200m run in 35 sec. rest 35 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, run 600m, rest 600m time, run 200m, etc.