7 rounds for time;
5 squat clean – 135#
6 chest to bar chin ups
7 KBS – 2pd

each exercise CANNOT be broken or fractioned
HSPU – once you kick up, you must stay up, you may pause at top or bottom
squat clean – they MUST be touch and go reps; you cannot rest bar on ground or on lap, only on shoulders if break is needed
chin ups, chest to bar, not shirt to bar; you cannot touch down, you may rest by full hanging
KBS – you cannot double pump, once you start swings, you must finish all reps straight
if reps are broken in any exercise, you start again with that exercise at rep 1 for that same round
(i.e. if you are in round 2 and you do 4 HSPU, then rest on ground on 3rd squat clean, you start over at rep 1 for squat clean on that 2nd round)

post total time taken to complete 7 rounds and notes to comments

CrossFit Endurance workout

15 min. time trial

Anaerobic Endurance Strength and Conditioning  Rest Day

Choose ONE Of the Following Sports:

Swim, Bike, Run, C2

15min Time Trial:

Cover as much Distance as Possible.