Hey everyone,

This is an email I received from Whitney today.  It was so amazing, I had to share it (with her permission, of course)!!

Hey Guys!
After my 10-class punch card expired I was hoping to get myself over to newton at least one last time for a final WOD and to say goodbye, but things got a little too hectic for me. I was traveling a lot around that time to Chicago for 10 days at a time, looking at apts and interviewing for jobs. Not to mention just with all that traveling and the upcoming move this weekend I’m now BROKE!!! :0)
Any how, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for introducing me to crossfit and providing such an awesome experience. I’m totally hooked and once my life stabilizes again in Chicago after I move back this weekend, first on my list is to find a crossfit gym out there. I’m really going to miss crossfitnewton though, I love how collegial and supportive everyone is there, it’s one big fit family!!! You guys are all awesome people and I wish you the best going forward!
Take care,
We are so happy that we can have this impact on people….that we ALL have this impact on people.  I know I can speak for everyone that you will be missed, Whitney.  I know I’ll miss trying to catch you running….soccer girls are FAST!!!
Take good care and good luck finding CrossFit in Chicago.  I know you will.
Jodie, Gil, John & the entire CFN family