A. Tempo overhead squat – 2-2-2-2@65% of snatch 5 second decent, 10 second pause at bottom.
B. “More Cowbell”

75 Wall balls
50 Chest to bars or Pull-Ups
25 STO

Compare scores here

Alpha – As written, STO@135/95
Bravo – As Written, STO@115/80
Charlie – Wall Balls@14/13, Banded Pull-Ups, STO@95/65
Delta – Wall Balls, Jumping Pull-Ups or Ring Rows, STO@65/45

Single Arm DB Bench Press – 8-10 x 4 sets
Tempo Ring Dips – Max reps x 4; do not go to complete failure, 2 sec pause at the top, 3 sec decent, 2 sec pause at the bottom
super set with:
Bat Wings – 10 x 4 sets

Extra Skill
Double unders – 2 min max dubs; rest :60 sec x 3
Practice dubs for 5 min, break after 2:30 min for about a min