A. Clean Grip Deadlift – 3@55%, 3@75%, 3@80%, 5@85%, These percentages are based on your predicted 1RM. To find your predicted 1RM use your 5RM you did a couple weeks ago.
B. Choose one:
B1. Dip – 5 sets; take your max reps and try to do 3 less each round for all 5 rounds. Example: if you did 10 dips, try for 5 sets of 6-7. it’s OK if your reps drop, just complete what you can. If you were able to do 3 reps for your max then try for 3 for all 5 rounds.
B2. Top ring dip support hold + Bottom ring dip support hold – Accumulate 2 min in under 3 min in the top + accumulate 2 Min in the bottom in under 3 min. if you can’t do the rings do this on the bars or on a box.
B3. Push-Ups – 5 sets of max reps(leave 3 in the tank); if you cant do these on the floor set up a bar on the squat rack at a level you can at least do 8 for the first set.
7 Russian KBS@53-70/35-53
7 BJ or step-ups@24/20
7 TTB or Knees to chest