Week 5(of 6)Day 26

A. Condition
Squat Clean@205-225/115-135
Box Jump@30/24

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Squat Clean@80-85% of Squat Clean, 10-8-6-4-2 HSPU
Charlie – Front Squat at last weeks weight, box jump@24/20, HSPU feet on  box
Delta – 15-12-9-6-3: Front Squat or Goblet squat, Step-Ups, Z-Press with DBs

B. Build
Share racks for split squat if needed
C1. Split Squat – 8-10 x 3 sets, rear foot elevated on a 45# plate, use a Barbell if you can, if not use a KB in a goblet position
C2. Single Arm DB Floor Press – 8-10 x 3
C3. Banded Trunk Twist – 10 each side x 3