I am writing this with great sadness. Coach Michele will be leaving CrossFit Newton at the end of the month. Monday will be her last day coaching. Michele has been with us from the start. She is an amazing coach and a great athlete, but above all she is an AWESOME person. We are sad to be losing her, but when opportunity knocks you’ve gotta answer the door. She has a great chance to further her carear and she is taking it. When she came to speak to us about her opportunity it was with a heavy heart. She was very upset about leaving everyone she has created such a strong bond with and helped coach into better athletes. Michele has been a huge part of CrossFit Newtons growth and community and will be missed tremendously by all of us. On Monday we will be having a special WOD for Michele so please try and make it here. If you can get here in the morning please come in to say goodbye. She wants to see as many of you as she can before she goes. Even though she will no longer be a coach here she will always be part of the CFN family. Don’t be a stranger Michele. Please. 

Good Luck with everything
1. Turkish get-up
2 sets of 10 each side as heavy as possible
2. 3 rounds
sled push 25 yards@225/155
standing sled drag 25 yards@225/155
15 burpees
KB farmers carry 100 meters@70/53
Max time handstand hold