A. Front Squat + Back Squat – 60% x 4+6-8, 65% x 4+5-7, 70% 3+4-6, 75% 2+2, 80% 2+2
B. Close Grip Bench – 5 x 5; working up to your heaviest set of 5

Choose One:
B1. Muscle-Ups – Max unbroken x 3; rest as needed between efforts; leave a couple in the tank on the first couple of sets. Focus on getting as much elevation as possible before you transition. When transitioning focus on actively pulling yourself through.
B2. Ring Thing Muscle-Ups – Max unbroken with good form x 3 sets; rest as needed
B3. Chest to Bar Pull-Ups or Pull-Ups + Dip10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1(do this if you can do at max set of at least 15 strict pull-ups and dips)
B4. Chin-ups + Dips – 3-5 Chin-Ups + 3-5 Dips x 5(these are strict)
B5. Banded Chin-Ups + Push-Ups – 3-5 + 5-8 x 5(if you need to stack plates or use a bench for push-ups do so)

15 min of cardio@85%