There will be no regular classes this Saturday. The Partner In-House Comp is this weekend. So if you wanna get a workout in you should sign up 🙂 It’s gonna be an AWESOME time. Even if you don’t have a partner, sign up and we will find you one. Teams can be Same sex or mixed pairs. This competition is for everyone. This is a great way to meet other members and create a stronger community. So come have fun, have some drinks, and eat some food.

Click here to sign up

There will also be a sign up sheet on the front desk

A. Slow Ascending Power Clean – 2-2-2-2-2; take 8 sec to get to mid thigh. Once you hit mid thigh focus on a strong finish to the second pull and Drive your self under the bar quick. Make sure you pull back on your elbows as you get under the bar.
B. “White Tiger”
10 Power Cleans@135/95
10 Box Jump Overs@24/20
10 TTB

“Triad Society”
Run 400 Meters
50 Wall Balls@20/14
30 Burpees
50 Wall Balls
Run 400 Meters

A. Deadlift – Heavy 5, 2 sets of 5@10% less than heavy
B. Strict Pull-Ups
Choose One:
Pegboard Pull-Ups – 3-6 x 5
Chin-ups – 5 x 5
Chin-Ups – 1-2 x 8
Partner Assisted – 1-2 x 8, rest :60 sec between reps
Banded Chin-ups – 1-2 x 8, rest :60 sec between reps

If you are competing in the comp this Friday today should be your last day of training. There will be a workout for you to do on Friday to loosen up and get ready


“Flying Dragon”
4 Rounds
:60 Bike
:60 Rest
:60 Row
:60 Rest
:60 Ski
:60 Rest
:60 Jump Rope
:60 Rest

Try to find a consistent pace you can stick with for the full min on each

A. Strict Press – Heavy 5
B. “Phoenician Warriors”
5 DB DL@50/35
5 DB Front Squat@50/35
5 DB STO@50/35

In House Comp. Sign up here

There will be no regular classes today