A. Thruster – Heavy Single
If you are new to thrusters use this time to work on the technique
B. “Fran”

*If you are not sure about weight for thrusters use 50% of your heavy thruster for a guide
**If you have any wrist issues you may use Dumbbells for the WOD

Alpha – As written
Bravo – Banded Pull-Ups, scale thrusters as needed
Charlie –┬áRing Rows, thrusters@65/45

B. Extra(Choose One)
Muscle-Ups – Max set UB x 3; Rest as Needed
Ring Rows + Dips – 15-20 Ring Rows + Max set of Dips x 3; rest 2 min
Ring Rows + Dips – 10 Ring Rows + 5 Banded Dips x 5; rest :90 Sec
Ring Rows + Bench Dips – 10 Rows + 8-10 Bench Dips x 4-5; rest 2 min