There are a few more athletes who are going to complete open WOD 17.1 today. Let’s make sure we cheer them on!!

Make sure you submit your scores A.S.A.P. You have till 8pm(but don’t wait that long). The games site gets a little testy and you don’t want to get screwed.

Two Choices for today:

Good Luck!!!


20 Squat Cleans@135/95
20 Pull-Ups
20 Thrusters@95/65
20 Chest to Bars
50 Wall Balls@20/14
10 Muscle-Ups(bar if you can’t do ring)

15 min cap

Alpha – As written
Bravo – sub chest to bars for muscle-ups, 95/65, 75/55, 20/14
Charlie – pull-ups for all, 75/55, 75/55, 20/14 to a lower target
Delta – Jumping pull-ups for all, 65/45, 45/35, 14/13

Bat Wings – 10-10-10
L-Sit – Accumulate 3 min, you may do N-sit as well