So, OPEN WOD 17.4 is released tonight at 8, which Coach Jack and Coach Andrew will be attacking about 15-20 min later. It would be AWESOME to have a bunch of you here to cheer them on. Also, For the Last Friday night lights I would like to have a big showing. It’s been AMAZING the last few weeks. The energy and support is inspiring. Really try to make it here. Let’s finish the open season with a BANG.

If you are hoping to hit the OPEN hard tomorrow just come in and prep movement.

1000 Meter Row
21 Box Jumps@24/20
21 TTB
36 Dubs
15 Box Jumps
15 TTB
60 Dubs
9 Box Jumps
92 Dubs

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Hanging leg raises, 1/2 Dubs
Charlie – Hanging Knee Tucks, Step-Ups, Singles