The last OPEN WOD is released tonight at 8PM. Come cheer the coaches on while they test the workout and give you guys some great tips.

The last Friday Night Lights is tomorrow. If you can get here tomorrow evening please do. I want to get a big group together to finish the OPEN with a bang. Friday Night Lights begins at 5 and goes till 7:30. Following Friday night lights we will be having an end of the OPEN party. So get here if you can.

5 Rounds
Sled Push 50 feet
Sled Drag 50 feet(same weight as push. Walking backwards)
DB Bench Row x 10
Top of the ring hold + knee Tucks X 12(knees should pass the hip crease)
Bar Hang :60 sec or max time up to :60 sec

If you can’t hold the top of the ring dip try the stationary Bars