There will be no class at 11am this Saturday. Instead, we will be holding a bulletproof shoulder clinic given by our very own Dr. Robert Mirandola of Allasso Chiropractic. This will be a great clinic for everyone to attend. Please try to make it. He’s got a lot of really great information to share with all of you and I think it would be very beneficial for you all to attend.

1. German clean
Start from the floor, pause below the knee, pause above the knee, hang power clean(pause when you catch), front squat(pause at the bottom, stand up. drop the bar, then re-set and do a second rep. work up to a weight that feels tough and complete all 5 sets at that weight. focus on body position at each pause.
2. amrap 10
5 power cleans
7 box jumps@24/20

weight choices: