matt h

I hope you are all coming to regionals to see coach Matt compete. It’s friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We will have our tent there. So come by and have some fun and cheer Matt on. This is a really great experience and a good way to really see what the CrossFit community is all about.

Click here for tickets

1. Snatch
Heavy Single
If you are not comfortable with the snatch take your time getting the movement down. If you are not yet comfortable with the full movement you may work on your power snatch or hang power snatch. Overhead squat after each catch once you have stabilized.
2 x 2@75%
2. Once through
40 russian kbs@70/53
5 wall climbs
30 russian swings
5 wall climbs
20 russian swings
5 wall climbs
10 russian swings
5 wall climbs

Scale weight as needed. Scale the wall climbs as needed