1. Push-press
4 sets of 5; by feel
2. “spidermonkey”

4 rounds
5 wall climbs(nose to wall if you can)
15 pull-ups
20 hollow rocks

Workout modifications:
Wall climbs – will be modified however you need
Pull-ups – Banded or ring rows
Hollow rocks – hollow holds or planks


Beginning September 15th

For those of you looking to get your diet in check and have a way to track your progress, this is it. This challenge was a lot of fun last year. We saw a lot of changes in our athletes.

The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge platform allows for athletes to compete as an individual and for their Affiliate Team. This is a diet and fitness competition that features a balanced scoring system, making it possible for anyone to win. Participants earn points for their diet (Clean/Cheat) 6 time periods per day, and performance in workouts, but they also rack up points for how much improvement in performance and body composition they see. In addition there are several other engaging features which help earn bonus points such as submitting new recipes and tracking personal goals. During the Challenge there are 3 benchmark WODS which are performed at the beginning an end of the Challenge and 4 separate performance WODS. Each WOD has 3 skill levels with standardized movements, making them accessible for everyone from competitive athletes to on-rampers. So yes, we are all doing this together. And to make things more exciting, building a team of at least 20 athletes qualifies the affiliate for a host of team prizes. Overall, there is more than $100,000 in prizes on the line.