So proud of everyone who competed in the open. It was real hard for a lot of you to work up the courage. I am sure that you are all happy you did it. A lot of you surprised yourselves. I was very inspired by all of you. Hopefully even more of you will sign up next year. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out with the judging. I especially want to thank all the athletes who didn’t compete this year, but put up with all the craziness. Back to normal.

1. Hang power clean
Establish a heavy double. You may drop the weight between each snatch(unless you are using 10’s), but you must re-set and pick it up right away.
2. 3 rounds
10 hang power cleans@135/95
10 lateral burpees over bar
row 300 meters
rest 3 min between efforts. This should be as fast as possible. I want you very uncomfortable here.
3. Run
400 x 2
rest 2 min between efforts