On April 9th CFN will be participating in a fundraiser called “Lift For Lyme”

According to the CDC there are 300,00 new cases of Lyme Disease diagnosed annually and many of those are here in the Northeast. Approximately 35% of those infected with Lyme will continue to be symptomatic even after the standard treatment with antibiotics.

The disease is often missed or misdiagnosed because doctors and citizens lack the awareness to identify symptoms and the correct way to treat the disease. Lyme is manageable and some believe curable if caught early enough and treated with the right antibitoics.

Our goal is to raise money to benefit The Dean Center for Tick Borne Illnesses at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. The first of its kind, The Dean Center can diagnose and treat Lyme Disease and is doing important research to help find a cure.

Your contribution will help support the treatment facility at The Dean Center as well as research projects that will help find answers and work towards a cure.

Thank you for any donation you can offer and let’s crush Lyme Disease together!

Click here to make a donation

Todays WOD

B and C are tests, so take note

A. EMOM 7 – 1 Power Clean; Start@60% and go up each round
B. Back Squat – Multiply your weight from the back rack step-ups x 2, then multiply your max reps x 2. example: If you did 6 step-ups with your weaker leg and your weight was 100# your squat weight would be 200# and your reps would be 12. Take note of your reps and sets it took to complete. If this is taking longer than 10 min you are done.
C. Row