A. Back Squat – 3RM, -5%, -10%; Pause 2 sec at the bottom of the first rep. (find a 3rm, then take off 5% for the 2nd set, then another 5% of the 3rd)
B. “Kentucky Derby”
21 Cal Row
9 Burpees
21 Power Snatch@95/65
Rest 2 min
15 Cal Row
12 Burpees
15 Power Snatch@115/80
Rest 1 Min
9 Cal Row
15 Burpees
9 Power Snatch@135/95

*Choose a weight you feel you can get through as unbroken as possible. You may do the last set as singles
**If you have any issues going over head you will do row, burpees, then power cleans

Alpha – as written, scale weight as needed
Bravo – as written, keeping the weight the same throughout
Charlie – DB Snatch, same weight throughout

Extra Mid-Line Stability
Superset not for time
Front Rack Carry – 100 meters x 3, heavy
GHDSU – 15-25 x 3