A. Jerk – 3-2-1-2-1; by feel, second set of 2 and 1 should be heavier than your first set. Example: 70%, 80%, 90%, 85%, 95%
B1. CGBP – 5 sets. use the weight you ended with last week for all sets. Go for 6 the first set and as many as you can up to 6 for each set after. If you can add weight do so. If you didn’t do this last week just build to your heaviest in 5 sets.
B2. Choose one:
Rope Climb – 1-2 Ascends(with or without legs) x 5
Laying to Standing Climb – 2-3 ascents x 5
C. Plank – Max Time x 3; Weighted if possible

rest 2-3 min between rounds