Today and Friday will be the last of the testing. We will be testing a lift and WOD on Friday.

Week 2(of 12) Day 9

A. Condition
Row – 2K TT

B. Build
3 Rounds not for time
Front Rack Double KB Carry – 100 Meters; you may drop the weight at the 50 meter mark
DB Bench Rows – 8 reps; 3 sec eccentric + 2 sec pause at contraction
Alligator walk Push-up 60′; complete 1-3 push-ups every 6 feet(rubber matt is 6′ long)

**The push-up during the alligator walk is only if you have no trouble completing a regular alligator walk. Complete a bear crawl if you can’t do the alligator walk. During the alligator walk torso is parallel to the floor and knees are no more than 2″ above the floor.